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Girls Weekend

This is your dream destination for a girls get away on the Sunshine Coast, indulge and relax.


We believe that time with your best girls helps to create a happy and balanced life. All you have to do is get the girls on board, choose a mode of transport, and arrive at The Frangipani Farm.


Every woman needs time away with the girls, at any age.

Pre or Post Wedding stay

The Sunshine Coast is a popular destination for weddings and The Frangipani Farm offers you a unique opportunity to enhance your wedding experience.


You could stay before the wedding, relax and enjoy the excitement of the day. Maybe stay after to indulge in all The Frangipani Farm has to offer.

If you would like frangipanis for the wedding the season peak blooming is between mid-October and March.

Please note that we cannot cater for weddings on the property.

Family Gatherings or

What to do when you need a week’s holiday far from everything, but you just can’t get away for that long because of the kids? You take them with you.


Maybe its a special anniversary? you could cater it yourself or have the occasion catered for you. We have lots of contacts.


The Frangipani Farm has enough to offer everyone. Come and experience it.

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